Insider puts Pats in lead of Peppers pack

Where will pass-rusher Julius Peppers land for 2010?

NFL.com senior analyst Pat Kirwan was asked that very question at the start of his chat Monday afternoon. Kirwan believes New England Patriots overlord Bill Belichick is most desirous of Peppers' services. Of course, the Carolina Panthers could place the franchise tag on Peppers by the Feb. 25 deadline.

Kirwan's response:

I still think the Patriots are the team that had the most interest in him, and they struggled in the pass rush. Belichick has had great success with the hybrid players, like Willie McGinnest, who can play in both the three- and four-man fronts. The Redskins are notorious for spending money. But I think Peppers wants to play for a playoff contender, along with making a ton of money.