Thanking Jones not all that expensive

In basic terms, the New York Jets agreed to pay LaDainian Tomlinson $100,000 more than the contract Thomas Jones received from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Is it possible the Jets spent roughly that much to tell Jones goodbye with a full-page, full-color advertisement in Sunday morning's edition of the Kansas City Star?

Those familiar with newspaper advertising will tell you such a courtesy can be rather expensive.

An ad would cost you or me $73,232 to purchase that kind of space in the Sunday edition of the Kansas City Star. The knee-jerk reaction would be to wonder why the Jets wouldn't simply take that money and invest it in keeping Jones around.

But don't get all worked up, Jets fans.

A source familiar with the transaction told me the Jets purchased the ad last week -- before they visited with Tomlinson -- and paid less than $15,000.

The Kansas City Star declined to divulge any particulars, but such a discount wouldn't be unheard of. It's common for businesses to work out advertising deals for which services are exchanged as payment -- either in full or in part. The Jets also could have gotten a break because they're a part of the NFL, the Chiefs being a frequent advertiser.

In speaking with folks at the Kansas City Star, it seems the Jets' sendoff has been doubly meaningful for Jones. In addition to the expression of gratitude, the ad has gotten Chiefs fans even more excited about their newest player.