A look at Tomlinson on turf, in the cold

New York Jets running back LaDainian Tomlinson will encounter two specific elements more often in the AFC East than he did with the San Diego Chargers.

Artificial turf and cold weather.

Tomlinson has transferred from a division that has plays exclusively on grass to one that has three synthetic surfaces and a fourth that has grass with baseball infield for much of the season.

Tomlinson has a poor track record on fake fields.

ESPN Stats & Information researcher Matt Lyon found that over the past three years on grass, Tomlinson has averaged 0.9 yards more per rush and a full yard more per reception compared to artificial turf. He scored a touchdown once every 20.2 carries on grass, but once every 54.5 attempts on artificial turf.

The Chargers' winning percentage on grass was .721, but just .375 on artificial turf.

As for chilly conditions, Tomlinson has surprisingly good stats. Tomlinson is a native of Rosebud, Texas, where December's high temperatures typically are in the mid-60s. He played at Texas Christian University and has made San Diego his home since the Chargers drafted him fifth overall in 2001.

One would think he'd be averse to the cold, but in 14 career games with the temperature 40 degrees or lower, he rushed for 1,379 yards and 19 touchdowns. That wouldn't be a great season. His average per carry of 4.55 yards is higher than his career average.