Bills want QBs sorted out by draft

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Up until this week, the Buffalo Bills' front office didn't have much to say. In a couple of news conferences, new general manager Buddy Nix and Chan Gailey couldn't provide much of a roster analysis, repeatedly citing their "evaluation process" to learn what material they have to work with.

Now their ideas are starting to emerge.

Gailey gabbed between bites of muffin at an AFC coaches breakfast Tuesday morning. The get-together was part of the NFL owners meetings at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes.

I've already posted on some of Gailey's thoughts, including his interest in drafting a scatback and his thoughts on University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow.

But here are a few more for ravenous Bills fans hungry for information on how their team's front office views the team:

Preference to have quarterback situation settled before draft: Gailey said he would like for the Bills' quarterback ambiguity to gain definition.

"That would be ideal," Gailey said. "You'd like to have everything settled before you went into the draft. The problem comes if you don't solve an issue before the draft. Then you have to try and solve it in the draft. Then if you don't solve it before the draft or in the draft, now your back's to the wall and everybody knows it. That's a bind you get into. Now they can hold you up."

No update on Schobel: Gailey said he's still waiting to learn whether two-time Pro Bowl pass-rusher Aaron Schobel will return to the Bills or retire.

"The biggest thing for him is his family," Gailey said. "He's been moving his kids back and forth. He wants to get them a little bit more established I think. Now, if he does that, then does he want to be gone for that long? That's a tough call, to be honest with you.

"I can see his dilemma. I'd love for him to play, but I understand being a husband and a daddy, too."

Defensive front seven: Gailey declined to name starters or designate a nose tackle, but he sketched out who will play where in the new 3-4 defense. On the defensive line, he listed Dwan Edwards, Spencer Johnson, Marcus Stroud, Kyle Williams. At inside linebacker, he named Andra Davis, Paul Posluszny and Kawika Mitchell. At outside linebacker, he named Chris Ellis, Chris Kelsay, Aaron Maybin and Schobel.

Intrigued by Bell at left tackle: Many looked at Demetrius Bell's season at left tackle and saw a train wreck. Gailey was shocked at how well Bell performed relative to how raw he was coming out of Northwestern State. But it sounded like Gailey viewed Bell as more of a work in progress than a genuine NFL left tackle.

"I was shocked at how well he played because I watched him just like everybody else did and said 'That guy is a loooong way away' when he was coming out and being drafted," Gailey said. "I was impressed with how he played last year. Everything's relative. I was impressed because of where he was compared to where I thought he would be, not because he's a seasoned pro, ready to take on the world and be an All-Pro player. But I was impressed with how far he'd come."

When asked how Bell looks as a reliable left tackle, Gailey's response was tempered.

"Got a lot of work to do, but has a lot of ability and a chance to get there," he said.