The Big Question: Is Pat White a QB?

What should the Miami Dolphins do with second-year quarterback Pat White?

That's one of the AFC East's great shrug-inducing questions this offseason.

We already were wondering if White would be converted to another position. Then he created a mini-stir Monday by tweeting he'd rather play baseball than wide receiver.

White has been selected in the Major League Baseball draft four times. The Angels drafted him in the fourth round in 2004 and in the 24th round in 2007. The Reds took him in the seventh round in 2008. The Yankees selected him in the 48th round last year.

When fans saw his tweet and thought he was contemplating a return to the diamond, White sent out a follow-up tweet to douse the speculation:

"Lol I guess I need to clear things up... No no no no to all the questions It was just what I was feeling at the time so I said it."

The Dolphins spent last year's 44th overall draft choice on the scrambly West Virginia quarterback. They had visions of him becoming a threat in their Wildcat packages.

But he demonstrated no predilection to being an NFL quarterback. His arm was too weak, his stature too slight. He got knocked out in the season finale.

White got into 13 games last year and threw five passes without a completion. He ran 21 times for 81 yards.

The Dolphins head into the season with four quarterbacks. Chad Henne is the starter. Veteran Chad Pennington has been slotted as the third quarterback while he recovers from shoulder surgery.

The Dolphins have declined to name Tyler Thigpen or White as the primary backup, but it would appear White's in line for a switch -- either by position or sport.