Marshall trade gets them tweeting

A collection of tweets in response to Wednesday's big trade that sent receiver Brandon Marshall to the Miami Dolphins for two second-round draft picks.

Ricky Williams, Dolphins running back:

"What a great way 2 start my day! We got Brandon! It's gonna b hard to stack the line of scrimmage. Ronnie & I r the happiest people on Earth"

"Buuuuttt....now I have a reality check as I walk in to workout! Ugghhh!...Come on Brandon, come join us for these workouts!"

Joe Namath, Hall of Fame quarterback:

"Brandon Marshall to Miami?...Not where I was wantin' him to go!"

Drayton Florence, Buffalo Bills cornerback:

"Attn: all bills fans Team Prove It has to do just that! this off season our division picked up the best group of wr's!Team Prove it loves it"

Donte Whitner, Bills safety:

"All these trades but I BELIEVE in the guys we HAVE already...We just had to get the RIGHT system in place! RT that!"

Leigh Bodden, New England Patriots cornerback:

"we won the division last yr n they tryna get 2 where we at..but names dnt win, TEAMS DO!!!!"

Darrelle Revis, New York Jets cornerback:

"What's up everyone. Brandon Marshall to the dolphins huh. That's a good look for them"

Jay Feely, former Dolphins and Jets kicker:

"Chad Henne will be happy today"

Eric Winston, Houston Texans tackle:

"I think the Marshall trade is good for both sides but two 2's is a lot at mkt value. Remember we got Schaub for two 2's."

Chad Ochocinco, Cincinnati Bengals receiver:

"Brandon Marshall headed to the Dolphins, all the great recievers are being traded, Santonio now Marshall, I love those guys, wow"

Damien Woody, Jets right tackle:

"I guess I'll take a nap and somebody else will get traded"