Revis welcomes Marshall to AFC East

Revis Island is going to face additional airstrikes this year.

The Miami Dolphins' procurement of Brandon Marshall will create two more challenges per season for the isle's defense system, but Darrelle Revis has a plan.

Revis, the New York Jets' lockdown cornerback, ranked Marshall behind New England Patriots star Randy Moss and just ahead of Buffalo Bills receiver Lee Evans as the best in the AFC East.

"The biggest thing with those receivers of [Marshall's] caliber is they're very tall and they're very explosive," Revis told ESPN "First Take" host Dana Jacobson on Thursday. "They have the height to jump over the smaller DBs.

"One thing I would try to do is get physical with him as much as I can over the course of the game to try to get his mind a little cluttered and frustrate him."

The last time they faced each other, in Week 13 of the 2008 season, Revis held Marshall to five receptions for 55 yards and no touchdowns. In his other games, he averaged 7.1 catches for 86.4 yards.

In the "First Take" interview, Revis also discussed his hopes for teaming up with cornerback Antonio Cromartie and shared his opinion on the trade that brought receiver Santonio Holmes to the Jets. Revis is thankful he won't have to guard Holmes, too.

"That's a big pickup for us on offense," Revis said. "It's going to help Mark Sanchez and it's going to help the passing game. It's going to stretch our offense even more.

"I played against Santonio Holmes my rookie year. He was the Steelers' No. 1 deep threat at receiver. He brings a lot to the table. He's very versatile. He makes a lot of plays. He can catch, and he can run good routes."