'Gruden's QB Camp' a must-see

One of the most enlightening and impressive features I've seen in coverage of the upcoming draft was "Gruden's QB Camp."

ESPN analyst and quarterback expert Jon Gruden conducted a series of interviews and workouts with the top prospects in this year's draft class: Sam Bradford of Oklahoma, Jimmy Clausen of Notre Dame, Colt McCoy of Texas and Tim Tebow from Florida.

Gruden also delivered an insightful written analysis of each prospect for ESPN.com. You can click on the "Gruden QB Camp" video segment for each quarterback there.

In watching the videos, it's hard not to be impressed with Gruden's presence.

Gruden meets them for a film session to dissect their highlights and errors. He quizzes them on X's and O's and interacts with them in a way that gives a look into both Gruden's and the quarterback's personality.

Then he takes them onto the field for drills, bluntly critiquing their technique in a way that's educational and compelling for the viewer.

Gruden rides the quarterbacks at times, acting as if he's the coach, not a broadcaster.

The story and videos are must-sees for anybody who loves football, but Buffalo Bills fans should pay close attention. They're the team in the AFC East most likely to draft one of these quarterbacks.