Pats deep, Jets shallow in rookie pool

ESPN.com senior writer Len Pasquarelli has once again tracked down each team's allotted rookie salary pool.

The NFL doesn't have a rookie salary cap -- yet. The rookie pool is a mechanism that tries to control spending on prospects who haven't played a pro snap. The rookie pool remains in place even though it's an uncapped season.

Clubs are given X-amount of cap dollars to spend on their rookies -- a figure derived from a formula that takes into consideration the number of draft picks and where they were in the order. For undrafted rookies, bonuses must be paid from the pool, but not base salaries.

The New England Patriots were rationed $6.278 million to sign their 12 draft picks. That's the highest in the AFC East and fifth in the league.

The Buffalo Bills were next in the division and 12th in the league at $5.657 million for nine draft choices.

The Miami Dolphins were allocated $4.472 million, 18th in the league, for their eight draft picks.

The New York Jets drafted a league-low four players, but their $2.66 million pool wasn't last because the picks were earlier than the Chicago Bears' five selections.