Jets owner 'obsessed' with Super Bowl

To observe his 10 years of running the New York Jets, ESPNNewYork.com recently sat down with owner Woody Johnson at the team's headquarters in Florham Park, N.J.

As writer Rich Cimini points out in the first installment of a two-part Q&A, the Jets have been a symbol of mediocrity since Johnson bought them. They've gone 80-80, but Johnson feels they're on the verge of breaking out, saying "I think we're going to make it" to the Super Bowl this season and that he's "obsessed about" winning a championship.

Said Johnson:

"It's very refreshing to be able to tell your players and your fans what you want to do and not have to hide it. I like that. It's liberating. You can actually tell people where you want to take them, where they want to go. Do you want to jump aboard a team that comes in 15th? That's not what we're shooting for. That isn't why we're here."

Johnson addresses myriad topics pertaining to the Jets, from big-picture objectives to his closer role in individual player personnel moves.