All hands on deck without Wes Welker

Wes Welker Recovery (0:44)

Tedy Bruschi on the effect Wes Welker's recovery from injury will have on the Patriots (0:44)

Wednesday's revelation Miami Dolphins star Brandon Marshall had hip surgery and won't be able to practice until training camp means both of the AFC East's 100-catch players are rehabbing.

New England Patriots slotmeister Wes Welker recently provided generally rosy updates about his surgically repaired knee and shoulder. But Welker's former teammate, ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi, is skeptical Welker will be ready for the start of the regular season.

Bruschi explained how the Patriots will have to cope until Welker returns.

"This is a very serious knee injury, and I think he's going to miss the beginning of the season," Bruschi said. "If that happens, other receivers must step up.

"They signed veteran receiver Torry Holt. He must be looked upon. Also, Julian Edelman is a receiver that came in last year and did a good job for that offense. And Tom Brady is looking to young receiver Brandon Tate, someone who was injured last year but was a high draft pick and has great potential to help this offense.

"These receivers must step up because the loss of Wes Welker early in the year could affect some ballgames."