Fans going with Belichick over Parcells

In this week's edition of "Big Question," I asked who would be remembered as the greater football coach, Bill Belichick or Bill Parcells.

By Thursday morning, the comment counter was approaching 800 ticks. Thanks to everyone for joining in the discussion.

To help gauge your response, SportsNation created a poll. Fans clearly favor Belichick in this debate.

With roughly 10,100 votes submitted as of this posting, Belichick had 57 percent of the vote.

In New England, where both men coached, it's not even close. Belichick received 92 percent of the vote in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, 89 percent from Vermont and 84 percent from Rhode Island.

Parcells took New York with 54 percent of the vote and his home state of New Jersey with 53 percent.

Here's a sampling of the reader comments ...

Folkwolf101 writes: Belichick, hands down! And I really hate the man, as do many fans and players of the game. But there is no denying that he knows how to get the most out of his players while controlling the pace of a game. Brady would not be Brady if it were not for Belichick.

acynicinla writes: "best ever" discussions are always such a bag of nonsense. How about this: Belichik didn't make the playoffs without his star QB. Parcells won a SB with Hostetler.

rundmg557 writes: Parcells never won a championship without BB. What does that tell you?

Al Mackiewicz writes: Parcells has been more important to the NFL in general, turning around multiple dysfunctional franchises. Not so with Belichick. He was a deadbeat in Cleveland. Although he won one more Super Bowls than Parcells, so other than that what else has he done for the overall betterment of the entire league? Nada. He's an ingenious kook, but not a big contributor to the overall success of the league.

stultz_13 writes: I don't remember ever hearing stories or seeing reports of Parcells cheating. On that notion alone, he is the better coach in this comparison.

Ralph Mcgreggor writes: I think both are very good at their jobs. Both have different styles and both have rings, but if I had to pick one it would be Belichick. Even though I don't like him he is one of the best coaches to ever coach the game. Yeah, he got caught cheating, but I don't think it helped as much as everyone leads on. I'm sure everyone tries to get an edge anyway they can -- even cheat. LOL ... If Parcells takes the Phins to the Bowl then I'm changing my mind and would pick him to be better than Belichick

waglz_nj writes: Belichick has more titles and a better winning percentage, which would make me pick him over Parcells. But more importantly, Belichick won titles without Parcells but Parcells didn't win titles without Belichick.