Another look at Henne-Sanchez debate

AFC East Blog: Henne vs. Sanchez (1:31)

Tim Graham discusses the QB rivalry between Chad Henne and Mark Sanchez (1:31)

Matthew in New York City writes into the AFC East mailbag with a hot-button question:

What's the deal with your seemingly constant disdain and skepticism for Chad Henne? I feel like anytime a report or give an analysis of him that comes out in a positive manner, you're the first to say "HOLD ON" and put everyone's expectations in check. What it is about Henne that causes your consistent negative response? Seriously!

There appears to be a perception among readers I'm some sort of Henne hater. I've received notes similar to Matthew's over the past few weeks. But those reactions aren't proper. Never once have I expressed skepticism about Henne's future. In fact, I believe he will be a franchise-caliber quarterback for the Miami Dolphins and hold down the position for many years to come.

Where I can understand Dolfans disagreeing with my opinion regarding Henne is that I think New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez will have a better second season as his team's starter.

That question has been debated on the AFC East blog a few times this spring, including in a podcast last month with Scouts Inc. analyst Matt Williamson and me.

Williamson preferred Henne. I preferred Sanchez -- for now because he's already played in three postseason games and has a better supporting cast. I agreed with Williamson that Henne might have the better career.

For a third opinion, I spoke with ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer to get the perspective of a 14-year veteran who won a Super Bowl.

"I like Chad Henne," Dilfer said. "I think he's good player. I think he's limited athletically. I don't think he's the same type of athlete as Mark Sanchez. He's not the same type of thrower. He's kind of a fastball thrower. He doesn't have the repertoire as a football player that Mark Sanchez has. That doesn't mean he can't develop it, but that's going to take longer.

"Sanchez is the unique talent of the last five or six draft classes because he has that Alpha male personality. He has that 'it factor.' Then physically he has the sudden feet, plenty of arm, is highly accurate, was mature beyond his years as a college player. He has a distinct advantage because of his makeup, the total package, and they're supporting him in such a great way.

"He's in as good a situation -- because of who he is and what they're doing as an organization -- as you can be in with a young quarterback."