Camarillo, Lynch have little in common

Is Marshawn Lynch dropping the ball with the Buffalo Bills?

You bet his is, and I'm not referring to his decision to act like a fool over offseason workouts.

Football Outsiders managing editor Bill Barnwell ran game data from the past two seasons to determine who has had the best and worst hands.

Lynch was dead last among all halfbacks the past two seasons with a combined drop percentage of 15.4 percent. He had 16 drops on 104 targets.

He led the NFL with a drop rate of 17.9 percent in 2008, but he did improve notably with a 10.9 percent last season.

Another AFC East target improved dramatically, although it will take even better performances for Braylon Edwards to shake his reputation as a bumbler.

In 2008, Edwards dropped 15 of the 138 passes thrown at him for a 10.9 percent rate. Last year, he dropped only six of 97 passes for a modest 6.2 percent drop rate. One of his six drops, however, galvanized his status: a dreadful error on what should have been an 84-yard touchdown bomb against the Bills in Toronto.

The AFC East also can lay claim to the player with the best hands, and he might have the smallest.

Miami Dolphins receiver Greg Camarillo had no drops on 73 targets, the most chances of any player without a drop. A bit of trivia for you: When I covered the Dolphins for the Palm Beach Post three years ago, Camarillo and running back Ricky Williams were the only two players on the roster who wore size-medium gloves.

Bills receiver Lee Evans had one drop on 95 targets last year and has dropped only three of his 197 targets (1.5 percent) over the past two years.