Big Question: AFC East's most hated?

Who is the most reviled figure in the AFC East?

That's a question I've wanted to explore for a while now, and with plenty of chirping going on among rival fans at the AFC East blog, this seems to be as good a time as any.

There's an abundance of players, coaches and even executives people fans love to hate.

As we saw in the comments section of last week's edition of the Big Question, there's plenty of bitterness toward Bill Belichick and Bill Parcells.

Readers were quick to bring up Belichick's role in the Spygate video-taping scandal, the way he left the New York Jets by scrawling his resignation on a napkin and the way he ran for the tunnel before the end of Super Bowl XLII. Or maybe he's disliked because he has won for a decade.

Parcells is a gruff, larger-than-life character who has worked for every AFC East club but the Buffalo Bills. He has influenced the division for decades, most recently as the Miami Dolphins' reclusive football ops director.

Or maybe you'd like to vote for unashamedly outspoken Jets head coach Rex Ryan.

Perhaps you're more the type to root against quarterbacks. In that case, the top candidate is Patriots leading man Tom Brady, who already has everything but seemingly could drop by your house and take whatever he wants if he were in the mood.

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is another one who seems to drive fans bananas. Many believe he's overrated and a little too glamorous for a kid who hasn't accomplished much.

At other positions, names to consider might include Dolphins-to-Jets turncoat Jason Taylor, gnat-persistent Patriots receiver Wes Welker, fur-coat wearing Patriots receiver Randy Moss, controversial Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall and hothead Dolphins guard Richie Incognito.

The Bills haven't been much of a factor for the past decade, which means their players don't get opposing fans too riled up. Terrell Owens would be on this list if he still were around.

But if you'd ask Bills fans who they dislike, then running back Marshawn Lynch is in the discussion.

Who's your pick? Feel free to make a case for any of the above or go off the board with one of your own ideas.