Jets have third-best O-line in AFC East?

Positional power rankings are great ways to start a debate. There are so many ways to argue the order.

Evaluate a five-man unit, and you'll find all sorts of ways to judge. But Yahoo! Sports writer Jason Cole has ranked every offensive line heading into 2010, and he places three AFC East teams among the top seven.

You might be surprised at his order, though.

Here are snippets from Cole's capsules on the AFC East clubs.

2. New England Patriots: "Critics will immediately say the Patriots are over-ranked at this spot. There’s no debating that the group's high ranking is partially a reflection of the rest of the league being downright mediocre. ... If they don’t re-sign guard Logan Mankins, the best of the group but who is so unhappy that he has demanded a trade, this unit is going into serious freefall."

5. Miami Dolphins: "This is the best run-blocking unit in the league, hands down, showing the emphasis head coach (and former offensive line coach) Tony Sparano puts on line play. This group is the embodiment of what Bill Parcells loves in a line: a bunch of big, intimidating maulers."

7. New York Jets: "I can already hear the good folks of Gang Green ripping me for putting this unit only one spot ahead of the Giants after the Jets led the league in rushing last season. ... No line in the league has a better chance of moving up significantly this season than the Jets, even after the release of veteran Alan Faneca."

30. Buffalo Bills: "The addition of offensive-minded head coach Chan Gailey will keep the Bills from doing stupid things that accentuate their lack of talent up front. Still, there’s only so much you can do."