Tom Brady keeps secrets to success secret

The New England Patriots are working out with the Atlanta Falcons this week, which means the current Tom Brady will be interacting with a quarterback many believe will be the next Tom Brady, young star Matt Ryan.

BradyBradyBrady was asked by reporters after Tuesday's workout whether he will impart any words of wisdom to Ryan, whose first two years at Boston College coincided with the Patriots' back-to-back championships.

"I don't give away my ideas too easily," Brady said. "I've worked a long time for my ideas, and I’ve been through a lot of games. And you got to really let the other competitors figure it out for themselves.

"I'm sure Matt has studied film. I've studied film on certain players that I like and offenses that I like and try to understand the things that they do well and why they are effective, whether it is play action or third down or other things like that.

"I've watched Matt since he was at BC, and I've enjoyed watching him. He's a great player. His first pass here was a touchdown, and that's a great way to start a career. I've got a lot of respect for Matt."