Ricky Williams wants Dolphins extension

Ricky Williams has been sheepish about his football future. Last year, he signed a contract extension with the Miami Dolphins that will take him through the 2010 season.

Beyond that? Well, contemplating "beyond that" has been the story of Williams' life. And others trying to determine his next move has been folly.

But Williams does have a plan, and it includes playing for the Dolphins at least through 2011.

"Ideally, right now, I would like to get a year extension with the Miami Dolphins, play this year and next year and then really focus on my schooling," Williams said.

The Dolphins are aware of his desire for an extension. He's 33 years old, borderline ancient for a running back. But head coach Tony Sparano has marveled at Williams' condition in training camp and football operations boss Bill Parcells is a fan.

With top running back Ronnie Brown out with a broken foot last year, Williams rushed for 1,121 yards and 11 touchdowns.

Williams' base salary for this season is $4.35 million.

Williams is working toward his pre-med degree at Nova Southeastern University, the campus where the Dolphins' training facility is located. He wants to complete his degree at Texas and then get his doctorate in psychiatry, with his eye on Harvard Medical School.

"It's really easy for me to get excited about school and the next part of my life," Williams said, "and that helps because it gives me a clarity to really know when it's time for me to stop.

"A lot of players get confused and get a little afraid when they get to the end of their careers because they're not sure of their identity outside of being a football player. It makes the end of their career a little bit stressful and foggy."