At very least, Bills have been fun to watch

Jeff Russo and Shawn Stepner of Buffalo's AFC affiliate, WKBW, were gracious enough to invite me on the set for "Sports Blast 7.0" to discuss what the Buffalo Bills' preseason taught us.

What stood out to me most of all was the Bills are fun to watch again. Over the past decade, the teams they fielded not only weren't very good, but they also were depressing to watch.

New head coach Chan Gailey and rookie running back C.J. Spiller seem to have injected some entertainment into the offense. Trent Edwards, aka Captain Checkdown, made several uncharacteristically deep throws. Lee Evans averaged 34 yards a reception.

Looks like owner Ralph Wilson's mission to liven up his team is on the right track.

"The Buffalo Bills for the last 10 years -- and this is my fault -- we've been a dull team, really dull," Wilson said when he introduced Spiller to the media during the draft. "It's no fun to go out there. I said to one of our coaches a few years ago, 'You know, there's no excitement.' He said 'Listen, if you win, that's all that counts. Winning.' The only thing is, we didn't win much. But we're going to turn that around."

The Bills might not contend for the AFC East title. They have issues on the offensive line, and they very well could have one of the weakest defensive front sevens in the conference.

But they at least should provide some entertainment value for a change.