Buffalo's backfield more than a trio

When considering the Buffalo Bills' backfield, three notable names can be rattled off.

They actually have a fourth, and new head coach Chan Gailey clearly values him.

Fullback Corey McIntyre is the forgotten man. You won't see many of his jerseys in Ralph Wilson Stadium. You won't draft him for your fantasy team. He had 12 touches last year. He has zero career touchdowns.

But the Bills appreciate his role as a lead blocker for their name guys.

Two NFL sources tell me the Bills have signed McIntyre to a two-year contract extension that will make him well-paid by fullback standards. His base salary for 2011 will be $950,000 and for 2012 will be $900,000.

For comparison sake, three-time Pro Bowl fullback Tony Richardson was scheduled to make $855,000 this year before the New York Jets cut him Sunday. The main reason he was released was he cost too much. Baltimore Ravens fullback Ray Rice, last year's Pro Bowler, will make a base salary of $470,000 this year and $550,000 next year.

McIntyre has helped the other running backs look good. He joined the Bills in 2008, the season Marshawn Lynch went to the Pro Bowl. He contributed to another 1,000-yard campaign last year with Fred Jackson.

In the preseason, he was the lead blocker on two of rookie C.J. Spiller's three rushing touchdowns.