When will the Bills win their first game?

As hopeless as getting a victory would seem for the Buffalo Bills right now, let's stop for a moment and consider nobody should have expected them to win either of their first two games anyway.

They were supposed to be 0-2. They're supposed to be 0-3 after this week's road game against the New England Patriots and probably 0-4 after hosting the New York Jets.

Buffalo would have needed to pull off an upset to avoid that start.

ESPN's Power Rankings panel listed Buffalo as the NFL's worst team this week.

Still, I don't think a winless season is in the making. My preseason prediction was five wins, and I'm sticking with that for now.

AccuScore's latest data forecasts 4.5 wins for the Bills this year.

My question to you is: When will the Bills win their first game? Take a look at their schedule and give me your best guess.

Can they possibly shock the Patriots or Jets? The Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 5? The Kansas City Chiefs in Week 8?

Might they have to wait until the Cleveland Browns in Week 14?

Make your pick in the comments section below. I'll gather your predictions and present them on the blog later in the week.