Doomed, desperate or dominant?

ESPN.com columnist Gene Wojciechowski views the NFL in simple terms.

Two weeks into the season, each of the 32 teams falls under one of three categories: The Doomed, The Desperate and The Dominant.

Here's how Wojchiechowski breaks down the AFC East.

The Doomed

Buffalo Bills: I think it's safe to say the Bills won't be No. 23 on the list of teams to recover from 0-2 starts. The Bills are worse than buffalo wings cooked in shaving cream. Wherever Awful is on your NFL chart, go down a flight or two of stairs and that's where you'll find the Bills. They're the only team not to have scored at least 20 total points. The Green Bay Packers fall out of bed with 20 points on the board.

The Desperate

New England Patriots: I believe it was Tom Brady who so eloquently described the Pats' recent performance against the Jets: "We just sucked." The Patriots will figure out a way to avoid being pulled under by the riptide of injuries and general suckiness. Thank goodness for the Bills in Week 3.

New York Jets: I know they beat the Patriots, but they go to Miami without Revis Island, without knucklehead Braylon Edwards in the starting lineup and without a good reason to think they won't be 1-2.

The Dominant

Miami Dolphins: I knew I should have picked them to win the division. I wussed out.