Trent Edwards defends his deep ball

Trent Edwards reported to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Wednesday and answered some of the same questions he faced during his three-plus seasons with the Buffalo Bills.

A portion of the Q&A from Jacksonville:

EdwardsEdwardsHow did negative criticism affect your play?

"I really feel like I did a good job of not really listening to it, and I think the best way to do that is to not read any of it, not hear any of it. Obviously, it definitely happens when you start losing, but you've got to ignore it. And if it happens it's part of the business, but you just have to ignore it.”

What went wrong in Buffalo?

"It's still early in this process. I don’t have a very good answer to that right now. I felt like I did everything I could have done. I guess I could have played better on Sundays but the direction the organization was going didn’t include me and that’s something I have to handle. But I don’t know the right answer to that question."

Do you hear the criticism about your lack of throwing the deep ball?

"I don't really follow it too much. I guess it's kind of a common thing for me. I don't really listen to it that much. It's just another negative thing people are trying to get on me for."

Do you feel like you're a good deep-ball thrower?

"Yes, I do."

Why did you get that reputation?

"The plays are there sometimes, sometimes the plays are not there. You can blame me. I'll take the blame for it. There are plays that aren't my fault, but there are still plays that sometimes are my fault, and I'll have to deal with that in the future."