Brett Favre more distraction than immortal

Why must I strain to visualize Brett Favre in a New York Jets uniform?

Maybe because he never was a part of the vibrant Rex Ryan environment that has been so pronounced the past two seasons. Maybe because Favre always will be remembered as a Green Bay Packers legend first and foremost. Maybe because he's in his second year with the Minnesota Vikings and had such incredible success last year.

Jets fans would like to forget the Favre experiment of aught-eight.

He propelled them to an 8-3 start and into the Super Bowl conversation. Then he buckled under a heap of interceptions and a wonky right arm. Head coach Eric Mangini lost his job. Then Favre was gone, his last two plays for the Jets an interception and an illegal forward pass.

But conveniently for the Jets (purely from a football standpoint), some alleged transgressions surfaced in the days leading up to Favre's return to the Meadowlands on Monday night to play his old team for the first time.

Favre has been accused of sending inappropriate photos and messages to female Jets employees, including former broadcast personality Jenn Sterger and two massage therapists.

NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert noted these accusations -- plus a bout with elbow tendinitis -- thrust Favre into "one of the most uncertain periods of his NFL career."

The NFL has expedited an investigation into the incidents and could punish Favre under the personal conduct policy. That won't happen for Monday night's game, but all the turmoil has to be a monumental distraction for the Vikings. ESPNNewYork.com reporter Jane McManus also wrote about the league's investigation of Favre from a Jets perspective.

Favre is expected to make his 289th consecutive start, having persevered through all sorts of injuries and even the death of his father for a stirring 2003 Monday night performance. How bizarre would it be that his streak would come to an end over a suspension?

Even if he's not suspended, Favre's game certainly could suffer. New York Daily News columnist Gary Myers wrote: "But with this investigation hanging over his head, how can his play not be affected? Look at what happened to Tiger Woods' game this year."

Many Jets players and front office personnel felt burned by Favre's hit-and-run stint.

Beloved teammate Chad Pennington was dumped to make way for him (and went on to win an AFC East title with the Miami Dolphins). Jets players felt Favre wasn't worth the special treatment. Coaches lost their jobs when they didn't make the playoffs.

Favre is the Vikings' problem now, and on Monday night the Jets won't be compassionate.