Vote yay or nay on Proposition Head Coach

In honor of election day, don't forget to vote in SportsNation's NFL head coach approval ratings.

The polls are open all week, every week. But early returns show most AFC East fans seem decently satisfied with their men in headsets.

Rex Ryan is the exception this week. Although the New York Jets are 5-2, their home shutout loss after a bye week isn't sitting well with fans. Ryan's approval rating was 44 percent late Tuesday afternoon. He pulled down a 79 percent last week and posted a season-best 86 percent after Week 4.

Bill Belichick has guided the New England Patriots to a 6-1 record and has generated an 89 percent approval rating. Belichick is second only to Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz at 92 percent.

Miami Dolphins coach Tony Sparano is tied for 10th at 77 percent. Sparano is a popular figure in South Florida, but a lack of touchdowns and too many field goals is keeping his number down.

Even winless Buffalo Bills coach Chan Gailey is receiving more favorable feedback than Ryan these days. Gailey's approval rating is at a season-high 53 percent after Bills went into overtime on the road two straight weeks.

BuffaloRumblings.com conducts its own approval ratings by the month for Gailey and general manager Buddy Nix.

Gailey closed out October with a 30 percent approval rating after. He finished September at 91 percent and August at 88 percent because of a hopeful training camp and preseason. Nix was at 27 percent for October, his first month under 73 percent since when he was hired.

In case you were wondering, Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress was at 5 percent in the SportsNation poll as of this posting. Childress is overseeing a fiasco with the decision to waive Randy Moss and the Brett Favre ordeal. But Childress still is a point better than Dick Jauron was for the Bills last year.