Trent Dilfer: Jets have to find their soul

The New York Jets are in turmoil. Their quarterback has lost his confidence. The run game has tanked. The defense reportedly has taken umbrage with the head coach.

Fans are frightened.

"Since I've been at ESPN, I've learned a couple things," ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer said. "One of the biggest things is that New York Jets fans flat panic when things go bad. This time, they actually might have reason to."

Dilfer, however, doesn't view Mark Sanchez or Rex Ryan or any other entity as the Jets' chief issue.

Dilfer claimed the problem is much deeper, more universal and more troubling.

"Here's the issue: It's bigger than Sanchez regressing. It's bigger than the receivers not playing well and not being able to run the ball as well as they used to," Dilfer said. "This is about camaraderie. This is about chemistry, the substantive things that really allow teams to be special in December and January. The Jets are showing signs that they don't have it.

"They got a great test against the Pittsburgh Steelers. It's going to take way more than X's and O's and talent to win that game. It's going to take a soul. Let's see if the Jets have a soul when they play the Pittsburgh Steelers."

With only three games left in the regular season, mid-December isn't the most appealing time to get a handle on it.