AFC East has landed in the drop zone

New York Jets receiver Santonio Holmes dropped a pass in the end zone Sunday. A few weeks earlier, Buffalo Bills receiver Steve Johnson had an infamous drop-and-tweet sequence that landed him in late-night comedy monologues.

The AFC East has produced quite a few notable end-zone drops, contributing to an epic season for that discomfiting statistic.

ESPN Stats & Information has charted 47 end-zone drops this year. That already matched last year's total and is 10 more than 2008.

Eighteen of those drops have occurred in the fourth quarter or overtime, equaling last year's total and doubling the total for 2008.

There have been three weeks with at least five end zone drops, including a season-high six on opening weekend.

ESPN researcher John Fisher passed along the names they've tracked over the past three seasons so I could add up how AFC East players have fared. I've included stats they might have accumulated with other teams they played for in that span.