New Jets distraction trumps them all

The New York Jets latest distraction is their most bizarre yet.

Jets head coach Rex Ryan didn't deny a Deadspin.com report that included several foot-fetish videos of a woman who looks strikingly similar to Ryan's wife, Michelle, showing off her feet to a cameraman who sounds exactly like Rex Ryan.

Rex Ryan was asked about the report Wednesday morning during a conference call with Chicago Bears media.

"I know you need to ask," Ryan said. "It's a personal matter."

Ryan's normally scheduled news conference with New York reporters is Wednesday afternoon, but the Jets previously released a statement that Ryan wouldn't address the report.

Over my 20 years as a sports reporter, I always use Mike Tyson biting Evander Holyfield's ear as the baseline for surrealism.

When I clicked on one of the alleged Michelle Ryan videos and heard the cameraman's voice, I might have found a new standard.

The Jets have dealt with a series of distractions since Ryan took over as head coach. Not all of them are his fault, but he was photographed flipping off Miami Dolphins fans at an MMA event last February and came under fire -- his mother even called him out publicly -- for gratuitous profanity on "Hard Knocks."

NFL investigators have been to the Jets' facility three times this year because of the Brett Favre sexting scandal, boorish treatment of female reporter Ines Sainz and Sal Alosi's trip of Dolphins gunner Nolan Carroll.

Braylon Edwards was arrested for DUI in September.

Other than that, it has been a quiet season for the Jets.