Jim Kelly puts Tom Brady in his top three

Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly joined "Mike & Mike in the Morning" and gave his thoughts on New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's marvelous season.

Kelly posed the Brady-versus-Manning question to himself and then dodged it, but the Buffalo Bills legend did declare Brady one of the three best to ever play the game.

"I've always thought of him being in the top five, just the way he goes about things, the way he delivers the football," Kelly said. "People try to talk about his short-passing game, but when he needs to go downfield, he goes downfield. It seems like he throws and it just glides. It seems like there's no effort at all. Everything he throws is right there, and it doesn't matter who his receivers are. He produces, week in and week out.

"People always say to me 'Who would you start? A Peyton Manning or a Tom Brady?' I'd love to have that problem. I'd start one the first half and start the other the second half. Right now, just seeing what I've seen, and I've seen Tom play a lot ... I think he's without a doubt in the top three to ever play the game."