Bills coaching staff to work Senior Bowl

The Senior Bowl has announced the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals will serve as coaches for the Jan. 29 all-star game in Mobile, Ala.

Coaching in the Senior Bowl is a strange honor. The NFL asks teams with the worst records to serve. The Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos had worse seasons, but they don't have head coaches. The Bills and Bengals were next up.

Bills coach Chan Gailey and his staff will oversee the South. This will give them hands-on interaction with some of the top players in the upcoming draft, but I've always viewed the opportunity as overrated.

All workouts are public and attended by all 32 teams. Whatever the Bills' coaching staff sees, so will the rest of the league.

Some teams decline the offer to coach in the Senior Bowl because they'd rather just evaluate than have the additional obligations that come along with coaching. The St. Louis Rams owned the No. 1 pick last year and passed on the chance to.

Mike Nolan coached the South three years in a row when he was with the San Francisco 49ers. That obviously didn't provide much benefit for him.

The Miami Dolphins couldn't coach in the Senior Bowl the year after they were 1-15 because they were had fired Cam Cameron's staff and were in the process of building a new one. The Dolphins did coach last year's Senior Bowl after some teams passed and others in the pecking order were involved in coaching searches.