Did Bills get all they could in Lynch trade?

The Buffalo Bills were wary of the possibility Marshawn Lynch could make them look bad for trading him away.

While Lynch still was on the Bills' roster, an NFL source told me fears Lynch would play well in another team's uniform were a reason why he hadn't been dealt yet. He's only 24 years old.

In October, the Bills traded Lynch, the 12th pick of the 2007 draft, to the Seattle Seahawks for a 2011 fourth-round choice and a conditional sixth-round pick in 2012.

Lynch had a quiet season with the Seahawks, but Saturday's highlight-reel run to beat the New Orleans Saints was the kind of play the Bills dreaded.

Lynch, one of the NFL's hardest runners, looked like Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson, breaking about 36 tackles on a 67-yard rumble that some observers are calling perhaps the greatest run in NFL postseason history. That play alone probably was worth a fourth-round draft choice. It made sure the underdog Seahawks advanced to the next round, and it will be shown on highlight reels forever.

Then came the kicker via Fox Sports insider Jay Glazer. He reported the Saints wanted Lynch and would have offered a third-round draft choice had the Bills shopped him around.

Most Bills fans couldn't stand Lynch by the time he departed. He wore out his stay with off-field transgressions, suspension and unwillingness to participate fully in the offseason program. The Bills also had Fred Jackson and prized rookie C.J. Spiller on the roster.

Even so, what we saw and learned over the weekend opens the door for second guessing on how the Bills played their hand.