History says Jets can't close gap on Patriots

History doesn't give the New York Jets much hope to beat the New England Patriots on Sunday -- or come very close.

The Jets somehow need to make up 43 points from their last meeting, a 45-3 laugher for the Patriots at Gillette Stadium in Week 13.

Wall Street Journal writer Michael David Smith reviewed all the times a regular-season game was decided by at least 35 points and the teams met again in the playoffs.

It has happened five times before, and in each case the team that lost in the regular season lost again in the rematch by at least two scores.

Here are the previous instances with the regular-season game first, playoff game second.

1969: Vikings over Browns 51-3; Vikings over Browns 27-7.

1980: Eagles over Vikings 42-7; Eagles overVikings 31-16.

1991: Redskins over Lions 45-0; Redskins over Lions 41-10.

1991: Redskins over Falcons 56-17; Redskins over Falcons 24-7.

2009: Jets over Bengals 37-0; Jets over Bengals 24-14.