Trent Dilfer knows key to beat Tom Brady

For two months, Tom Brady has been more difficult to decipher than hieroglyphics.

ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer claims to possess the Rosetta Stone.

And he's about to share it with us and the New York Jets, whom Brady and the New England Patriots shredded 45-3 barely five weeks ago.

"So how do you stop Tom Brady?" Dilfer posed. "Very simple: Understand his starting point.

"What I mean by that is on each play Tom Brady has a starting point with his eyes. Know where that starting point is, and clutter that area. Make him go to No. 2 and No. 3. Slow him down, make it more methodical and give your pass rush some type of chance to get home.

"This really is the only way of stopping somebody as dominant as Tom Brady right now in the passing game."

That's quality information.

But can the Jets do anything with it?