Buoniconti says Bills superior to Dolphins

Are the Miami Dolphins the worst team in the AFC East?

Hall of Fame linebacker Nick Buoniconti thinks so.

Buoniconti recently told Miami Herald columnist Barry Jackson the Dolphins are years away from competing with the New England Patriots and New York Jets and have fallen behind the Buffalo Bills.

"This team has been languishing for so long, they have bad karma," Buoniconti said of the Dolphins. "People talk about a two-year plan. If you're lucky, it's a five-year plan because they don't have the ingredients to rise above the Patriots and Jets, and the Bills are ahead of them because of Ryan Fitzpatrick.

"When you look at the Patriots, they have two first-round picks coming up, two seconds and two thirds. How are you going to compete with that? You can't do it through free agency. Miami doesn't have a second-round pick. It's a joke.

"[Dolphins owner] Steve Ross should surround himself with people who are winners. He doesn't have that."

Buoniconti, who starred for the Dolphins and Boston Patriots in a sterling 14-year career, also criticized Bill Parcells for walking away as vice president of football operations a few days before the regular-season opener.

"I like Bill Parcells, but I don't understand why someone would leave a sinking ship," Buoniconti said. "You don't do that and say 'I'm out of here' and collect my money.' "