Is Tom Brady making Rex Ryan see things?

Rex Ryan is Don Quixote.

Tom Brady is his windmill.

Ryan has gotten worked up over perceived Brady transgressions other people haven't noticed.

The New York Jets' quixotic head coach most recently has chided Brady for gesturing at opposing sidelines after the New England Patriots score a touchdown.

"Just being Brady being Brady," Ryan groused at his Monday news conference. "I don't like seeing that. Nobody does. No Jet fan likes to see that. I know he can’t wait to do it."

Brady has no idea what Ryan's talking about.

"I don't remember ever pointing," Brady said Wednesday on a conference call with Jets reporters. "I'm sure there are 50,000 cameras on the game. I'm sure if there was a problem doing that then they would show that."

New York Post reporter Mark Hale spoke with several Jets on Tuesday about Brady's so-called "antics," to use Ryan's word. Star cornerback Darrelle Revis, safety Eric Smith, linebacker David Harris, defensive tackle Sione Pouha and fullback Tony Richardson couldn't come up with an example.

Only defensive end Shaun Ellis said he has seen something, but added "It wasn't too much."

This wouldn't be the first time Ryan invented a reason to be angry with Brady and the Patriots.

Right after the Patriots defeated his club 45-3 in Week 13, Ryan suggested the Patriots ran up the score on them.

"Probably," Ryan said. "I mean, I don't think he was necessarily trying to rub it in, but this is the same team that took a bunch of shots on us and they had paybacks. I mean, let's face it: We kicked their butt at our place. So you know they're trying to come back.

"So trust me. We will remember this. There is no question about that."

The problem with Ryan's theory is the Patriots didn't run up the score. Although Brady didn't come out of the game, he threw only four passes, one on the first play of the quarter for a touchdown to Aaron Hernandez to make the score 38-3.

Brady's second throw came with 12:46 to play, and then the Patriots shut it down while milking the play clock. His other two fourth-quarter passes were on third-and-4 and third-and-7 deep in their own territory. Both throws were incomplete, although one was erased when the Jets were flagged for 12 men on the field.

So Brady's two fourth-quarter completions -- for a grand total of 8 yards and a touchdown -- came with more than 12 minutes to play.