Help me select the 2010 All-AFC East team

Santonio Holmes, Wes Welker and Steve Johnson had successful seasons at receiver in the AFC East. US Presswire

For the second year in a row, I'm letting readers select the All-AFC East team -- mostly.

Same as with the 2009 all-division squad, I have filled in a few of the no-brainers. I'm asking you to vote on the rest.

I suspect wide receiver and nose tackle to be the most furious battles.

Several receivers had pretty good seasons, but who was the most phenomenal? Steve Johnson had a breakout season with the Buffalo Bills. Brandon Marshall was disappointing for the Miami Dolphins. Wes Welker was solid and made the Pro Bowl, but he slipped below his standard. New York Jets receivers Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes were stars who shared touches.

Bills fans have been rabid in their support of defensive tackle Kyle Williams, but Vince Wilfork was voted to start the Pro Bowl. That should be a good race.

I actually considered three defensive lineman slots, but there has to be some tough decisions. I realize Williams and Wilfork played multiple spots along the line, but the NFL and their teams officially list them as nose tackles, and I wanted to maintain a true 3-4 defensive lineup.

We're also going to be honest to specific offensive line positions. We can't move Jake Long or D'Brickashaw Ferguson to right tackle.

I could go on and on about all the difficult choices readers must make, but I'd rather have them set the tone with discourse in the comments section, where the votes will be cast for everyone to see. I'll leave the ballot box open for the rest of the week.

For your amusement, here's a reminder of my preseason All-AFC East team. I was convinced Logan Mankins wasn't coming back, and who could have predicted Randy Moss would get traded?

Whenever I've asked readers to vote, they've been generally fair and reasonable.

But I will retain veto powers just in case there's a Lydon Murtha write-in campaign.