Cromartie's remedy for Ward? Choke him

It took a few days, but the New York Jets finally revealed a source of disdain within the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Unlike previous games, especially their divisional playoff last week against the New England Patriots, the Jets were lovey-dovey all week in their comments about their AFC Championship Game opponents.

The Steelers affectionately responded in kind.

But the Jets couldn't contain themselves forever. ESPNNewYork.com contributor Ian Begley spoke with some Jets defensive backs who delivered ominous words for Steelers receiver Hines Ward.

Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie offered the best remedy for dealing with Ward's reputed dirty play:

"Grab his ass by the throat and choke the s--- out of him."

Jets safety Eric Smith stopped short when talking about a course of action he has in mind for Ward.

"If I finish what I said and then do what I planned on doing, I'm going to get fined," Smith said, referring to this past week's warning from the league that comments can be taken into account when punishing players for nasty hits.

Smith claimed Ward took multiple cheap shots on the Baltimore Ravens last week.

"He's out there hitting Dawan Landry in the back," Smith said. "He came across and hit Ray Lewis in the back. Ed Reed was 30 yards downfield, and he's going down and hitting him.

"It's just unnecessary things like that that make you mad as a defender."

Jets safety James Ihedigbo added: "We're going to deal with [Ward] early so he knows what type of game it's going to be, and that none of that stuff is being tolerated."