Trent Dilfer identifies offensive trend for '11

I tell anybody who will listen that Trent Dilfer is one of my favorite two or three NFL analysts out there.

A lot of readers like to knock Dilfer because he wasn't a superstar quarterback. Therefore, his critics allege, his opinions aren't valid. Never mind that he spent 14 years in the NFL, that he went to a Pro Bowl with one team and quarterbacked another to a Super Bowl title.

Those were some of the sentiments brought up in the comments section underneath an item I posted eight months ago about the New England Patriots offense.

Dilfer said the Patriots' offense was "exposed system-wise" in 2009 despite finishing third in yardage and predicted they would make a dramatic change in 2010. Dilfer said the Patriots would abandon their spread offense and rely on two tight-end sets, quick throws and more running.

Readers, especially those early in the thread, where knee-jerk responses are more common, scoffed.

And Dilfer was 100 percent accurate.

Dilfer has the ability to identify a trend before it becomes popular.

With that in mind, I think it would be of value to hear Dilfer's observations about an emerging offensive trend he has noticed.

Dilfer explains how offenses finally have come up with an effective remedy for defenses that zone blitz by the following:

  • Spread out formations horizontally.

  • Go with three-receiver sets.

  • Remove a tight end.

  • Perhaps most importantly: Don't worry about blocking all possible pass-rushers.

  • Trust the quarterback to identify the defense's weakness at the line.

  • Make quick throws of less than 10 yards.

Do you think this will defuse zone blitzes in 2011?