How the 2005 draft should have gone

Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then ...

One of the all-time great lyrics was a Bob Seger throwaway line to fill some space in "Against the Wind." But the plaintive sentiment applies to all areas of life and even can relate to the NFL draft.

With knowledge of how the 2005 draft class has turned out, ESPN draft monger Mel Kiper looked back to see how the order should have gone.

The piece is exclusive to ESPN Insider members, but I'll share the AFC East entries. The Buffalo Bills and New York Jets didn't have first-round picks that year.

These are the picks Kiper claims should have been made, with the slot the player actually was taken in parentheses.

By the looks of things, the New England Patriots got tremendous value that year.

Among the 13 players Kiper listed as "close calls" for the first round were Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick (250th to the Rams) and Jets safety Jim Leonhard (undrafted).