Revisiting AFC East over-under projections

Seven months back, ESPN.com produced its fantasy football projections for 2010. Football Outsiders managing editor Bill Barnwell and I inspected the numbers and got into an over-under competition, choosing three players from each AFC East team and speculating on their seasons.

Never one to flee from the results even when they don't go in my favor, I felt compelled to revisit our forecasts -- for the record.

Barnwell got the better of me, which should be expected. Barnwell makes a living breaking down data, dissecting trends and predicting the future. I work on a paragraph assembly line.

He was correct on 10 of the 15 over-unders. One the five misfires hitting right on the number (Mark Sanchez with 17 touchdowns).

I was correct on eight picks. I'm happy with that. As a former Las Vegan, I can attest that any time you do better than break even on totals, it's a success.

The predictions I'm most proud of were LaDainian Tomlinson going over 646 yards (a choice that caused ESPN.com blog editor Emily Schaible to blurt that if Tomlinson went over 646 yards she would eat her shoe) and Ricky Williams staying under 878 yards.

Barnwell got both of those wrong, but he crushed me on the interception totals. I gave Antonio Cromartie and Jairus Byrd too much love. Barnwell astutely went under on both.

"For years, my cap has been without even the slightest of feathers," Barnwell said at the Over-Under Awards ceremony Thursday night. "Finally, though, I can walk around the streets of Boston with my head held high, thanks to this victory over Tim.

"Thank you, Chad Henne. Thank you, Jairus Byrd. Thank you, Antonio Cromartie. Please don't punch me."