Are the Patriots an overrated 2011 team?

Odds already have been posted in Las Vegas for next year's Super Bowl.

MGM-Mirage list the New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers as co-favorites with a 6-to-1 payout if they win the championship. The Dallas Cowboys are third at 8-to-1.

(For those who don't understand betting, that doesn't mean Las Vegas is predicting Dallas has the third-best chance to win the Super Bowl. The odds indicate Las Vegas projects a lot of money will be wagered on the Cowboys because they're one of those teams that generate heavy action.)

But what about the Patriots?

"First Take" debated whether they deserved to have the same odds as the Packers.

"The one that bothers me even worse [than the Cowboys] is the New England Patriots, who are still living on the past," Rob Parker said in his debate segment with Skip Bayless. "I know. I've heard it all. They were 14-2 last year. I know. And their last 16 home games, 16-0.

"But their last two playoff games at home, they both lost -- shocking losses to the Ravens and to the Jets the last two years. I still think people look at the Patriots and think they won last week. They haven't won since 2004. Let's be honest. Look at their playoff run."

Parker called Tom Brady's season "a fluke" and also dropped a Spygate reference as proof the Patriots and head coach Bill Belichick are overrated.

"I want to see him prove that he'll win again after that debacle," Parker said.