Chad Henne better than you might think

Football Outsiders writer Sean McCormick wrote a column that explored the AFC East's biggest offseason questions.Insider

McCormick studied the Buffalo Bills' run defense and explained how the New England Patriots' young defense did not evolve as many insisted.

The most interesting part to me was a statistical analysis of Miami Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne. McCormick presented data that indicated Henne is taking too much flak for his disappointing 2010 season.

I ranked AFC East quarterbacks after the season and listed Henne fourth. The stats, however, show Henne was the second-most productive quarterback behind only Tom Brady.

Granted, the rankings for Henne, New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick all were in the bottom half of the league. But Football Outsiders' metrics suggest Henne wasn't so bad. In fact, he was about average.

From McCormick's piece:

Standard statistics -- and popular perception -- suggest that Sanchez took a solid step forward in his second season and Fitzpatrick was a revelation who made a lost season exciting for the downtrodden Buffalo fan base, while Henne was nothing short of a disaster. But perception doesn't account for context, and it doesn't account for luck, either.

Sanchez's numbers, for instance, were buoyed by dropped interceptions. Football Outsiders charted 15 of them for Sanchez, a figure that easily led the NFL.

Henne threw 19 interceptions and had only one dropped.