Farrelly brothers talk athletes as actors

Did you know Drew Bledsoe, not Brett Favre, was the original choice to break Cameron Diaz's heart in "There's Something About Mary"?

Prolific comedy writers Peter and Bobby Farrelly sat down with Michael Smith on the "First Take" set to discuss their affinity for using athletes in their films. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, former Patriots safety Lawyer Milloy (then with the Buffalo Bills) and Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams had walk-on roles in "Stuck on You."

They've also used Roger Clemens ("Kingpin"), Anna Kournikova ("Me, Myself & Irene") and the 2004 Boston Red Sox ("Fever Pitch").

Here's a true story that demonstrates the power of a Farrelly brothers cameo (although not the hockey shrewdness of Columbus, Ohio): While covering the NHL draft there in 2007, I was seated 12 feet away from Boston Bruins legend Cam Neely. A busboy leaned over to another co-worker and said "You see that guy over there? 'Dumb and Dumber!' Sea Bass!"