Chad Henne indicates Dolphins broke rules

Miami Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne expressed excitement Monday over his interaction with new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll and the playbook.

Henne should have kept his mouth shut.

Better yet, the Dolphins should have paid attention to what was going on around the league and not held coach-player meetings in the first place.

Chad Henne

Chad Henne

#7 QB
Miami Dolphins

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  • Att490
  • Comp301
  • Yds3301
  • TD15
  • Int19
  • Rat75.4

Miami Herald columnist Armando Salguero pointed out Henne's comments indicate the Dolphins violated NFL rules for coach-player interaction during a dead period.

Teams would love to cram as much prep time before the collective bargaining agreement expires Thursday. Once that happens, teams and players no longer have a working relationship and all contact is verboten.

But teams aren't allowed to coach up their players at this time either because the CBA limits such interaction. No meetings are allowed. No direction from positional coaches is allowed.

The league had sent cease-and-desist memos to multiple teams. Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter Tony Grossi wrote Sunday the Cleveland Browns were one. Sports Illustrated's Peter King wrote Monday the St. Louis Rams were another.

King explained the NFL is being cautious because there's "too much of a chance for something like that to end up in a court case, if one ever were filed by the union, with the NFLPA saying players were being pressured by the team to work out during the lockout."

At a charity golf outing Monday at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., Henne admitted he, Daboll and quarterbacks coach Karl Dorrell have held skull sessions over the new playbook and direction of the offense.

"I took some vacation time, maybe a week or two here or there, but once we signed Coach Brian Daboll, I tried to get into there as quick as I could to learn the offense," Henne told Miami Herald reporter David J. Neal. "I've been meeting with him for the last month now.

"I feel pretty comfortable with what he's teaching and what the offense is going to be about just in case -- who knows what's going to happen this Thursday? -- that I can pass it on to the guys and help the guys out."

Henne and some teammates already have found a place in South Florida to stage workouts during the likely work stoppage.

Henne claimed to like Daboll's offense, describing it as similar to the New England Patriots' with a dash of New York Jets. Daboll was receivers coach for the Patriots before joining the Jets as quarterbacks coach in 2007. He spent the past two seasons as Browns offensive coordinator.

The problem is, Henne's not supposed to know Daboll's offense at all right now.

How the NFL handles this case will be interesting.

If the Dolphins aren't punished, then other teams will be justifiably upset for not being allowed to get their quarterbacks (many of them young) and offensive coordinators (many of them new) together.