Fins, Jets, Pats on Ochocinco's wish list

The Cincinnati Bengals don't need to get Joey Greco involved. No need for the "Cheaters" host to set up surveillance or orchestrate an ambush.

Chad Ochocinco continues to make his flirtations public and would love to get with three-quarters of the AFC East.

Ochocinco is under contract with the Bengals for one more season at a base salary of $6 million. That hasn't stopped him from stating his desire to play for the New England Patriots, the New York Jets and, most recently, the Miami Dolphins.

Ochocinco was a guest at ESPN The Weekend in Orlando, Fla. Although he reiterated his legal status as a Bengal, he didn't squelch the idea of playing for another team.

"New York has a great coach that anyone would die to play for," Ochocinco told ESPNNewYork.com's Jane McManus.

The comments echoed what Ochocinco said on "The T.Ocho Show" in late January: "I'd do anything to play for someone like Rex Ryan or anyone who has that type of mentality."

Two other guests at ESPN The Weekend, Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis and inside linebacker Bart Scott, lobbied for an Ochocinco addition.

Ochocinco also sat down with Jeremy Marks-Peltz of ESPN 760 in West Palm Beach, Fla., and expressed his affection for the aqua and orange.

"Speaking of the Dolphins, I can say this: The Dolphins have always been my team since I grown up," Ochocinco said. "Anytime I play Madden, I play with the Dolphins. Everything, the Heat, the Marlins, the Panthers ... I've been a Florida guy all my life.

"I love Cincinnati. It's been good to me. I would like to win. I want things to turn around. I'm not in control of the situation. As you can see, my quarterback [Carson Palmer] is fed up. But we'll see what happens."

Ochocinco's first flirtation was with the Patriots on Jan. 17, when he sent a Twitter message to Boston Herald reporter Ian R. Rapoport that read "PePe and Bill #EPIC." PePe is one of Ochocinco's many nicknames.