AFC East readers, this draft is your draft

Who's to say AFC East blog readers can't deliver a mock draft that challenges the experts?

Certainly not me.

That's why I'm asking you to draw up a mock draft that represents our little corner of cyberspace.

Here's how it will work: Every weekday from now until we reach the 32nd selection, you can submit your choice for the next pick. Leave your guess in the comments section below this article or under the link on my Facebook page.

I will tabulate your votes and let everyone know the following day which prospect you selected as we advance through the order. Your votes will decide the mock, but I'll retain veto power to protect against ballot stuffing or any other shenanigans.

After the draft, I will stack our mock draft against Mel Kiper's and Todd McShay's to see who fared better.

The process is limited to Mondays through Fridays because traffic dips on the weekends, and I want to ensure we get a healthy response for each selection. We will complete the first round April 26, two days before the draft begins.

The Carolina Panthers are on the clock. Who will they take?