AFC East influence on NFL committees

NEW ORLEANS -- The annual NFL owners meetings are taking place downtown at the Roosevelt Hotel. While the work stoppage will be the dominant topic, many usual business discussions will transpire with the various committees and subcommittees.

Let's take a look at what AFC East folks are involved with the 28 listed groups.

Finance committee: Robert Kraft, New England Patriots owner

Investment committee: Woody Johnson, New York Jets owner; Jeff Littmann, Buffalo Bills treasurer

Compensation committee: Robert Kraft; Stephen Ross, Miami Dolphins owner

Stadium committee: Stephen Ross

Los Angeles stadium working group: Woody Johnson; Stephen Ross

Broadcasting committee: Robert Kraft (chairman)

NFL Network committee: Robert Kraft

Digital media committee: Jonathan Kraft, New England Patriots president and chief executive officer

Business ventures committee: Woody Johnson; Jonathan Kraft; Stephen Ross

Super Bowl advisory committee: Mary Owen, Buffalo Bills executive vice president

International committee: Mary Owen

Legislative committee: Woody Johnson

NFL Charities board of directors: Mary Owen

Advisory committee on NFL giving: Mary Owen

Management council executive committee: Robert Kraft

CEC executive working group: Jeff Littmann

General managers advisory committee: Mike Tannenbaum, New York Jets