Bill Parcells takes you inside the draft room

The man who has exuded much influence in three AFC East draft rooms will give us a behind-the-door look at what goes into such an exhaustive process.

"Bill Parcells' Draft Confidential" will air Tuesday night on ESPN. The 90-minute special will emphasize how teams formulate and execute philosophies, grade players, build a draft board, handle smokescreens and process trade scenarios.

In a preview clip, Parcells gave insight on how a team sets up and protects its internal draft board with only a few days to go.

"It's usually quiet," Parcells told host Mike Tirico. "The board is usually pretty well set. You may be making minor adjustments, but there's only a few people in on that final process: the GM, maybe the head coach, maybe like myself, when I was an executive in the organization. But that's it.

"We leave most of the other people out. Maybe the college director might be in there. But you know there's always people around the building that might be trying to stick their head in the door. So we put the curtains down and we lock up that draft board once it's set."

In a press release for the show, Parcells said his main objective was to convey how grueling the draft process is.

"There's going to be a lot of information in this show that is unfamiliar to the average fan," Parcells said. "I am hopeful the show will provide insights into how difficult it is to draft successfully on a consistent basis, and fans should also come away with a lot better understanding of how the draft board got to be the draft board.

"I'm prepared to talk about the players in this year's draft. I know the strengths of the class, and I know the quarterbacks well. None of the quarterbacks are can't-miss prospects. There are certain attributes that some of these guys possess that aren't evident to the naked eye. Some of the attributes will carry them forward to a successful career, and some will be prohibitive to that happening."