Kiper gives out team draft grades

Mel Kiper compiled his team draft grades for ESPN Insider subscribers.

Let's take a look at his thought on AFC East clubs.

Buffalo Bills

Needs: C-plus

Value: B-plus

Overall: B

Mel's snippet: One guy who should feel good about this draft is Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is clearly the preferred starter at quarterback. Bills fans just have to hope the blocking can hold up.

New York Jets

Needs: B-minus

Value: B-plus

Overall: B

Mel's snippet: The Jets needed help at both defensive end spots up front in their 3-4, and did a great job adding talent with their first two picks.

Miami Dolphins

Needs: B-plus

Value: C

Overall: B-minus

Mel's snippet: Miami went after needs and got some immediate help in key spots, including guard and running back, getting pretty even value overall ... Solid, unspectacular week for Miami.

New England Patriots

Needs: C

Value: B-minus

Overall: C-plus

Mel's snippet: This was a mixed bag for me, a usual tour de force in terms of adding a mountain of roster spackle with the acquisition of draft picks -- the Patriots now have a pair of Round 1 and Round 2 picks to use (and trade) in 2012 -- but also with a few puzzlers mixed in with the usual smart picks.