Harrison would love a bounty on T.O.

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

Rodney Harrison doesn't have to honor Bill Belichick's one-voice policy anymore.

Harrison doesn't belong to the New England Patriots anymore. The former safety is an analyst for NBC. So he can say whatever he wants about an upcoming opponent.

On Thursday, he blasted Buffalo Bills receiver Terrell Owens with both barrels on Boston radio station WEEI's "The Dale and Holley Show."

"I'm pumped about T.O. opening up his big mouth about the Patriots," Harrison joked. "It's fair now. I can actually put a bounty on T.O. if I wanted and not get in any trouble."

Reggie Dunlop would be proud.

What triggered Harrison's response was what Owens told the Boston media on Wednesday.

Owens joked he was going to bring his spy camera to Monday night's season opener between the Bills and Patriots.

"He's a clown," Harrison said. "He's all about the circus show and the cameras, and it's all about that. But you best believe he'll have Shawn Springs in his grill and Brandon Meriweather will be putting his helmet down his throat. So I'm excited about seeing that on Monday.

"He's just so, so miserable. He wants to seek so much attention. I don't know. Something happened a long, long [time] ago, before we even knew T.O., that just made him like this. The guy is such a phenomenal talent, but his clown antics and his tactics just take away, year after year.

"The story we should be talking about is the playmaking ability, the big plays and his potential Hall of Fame career."